Just a Sampling From The Wonderful World of Human Sexuality

Missed Connection M4W

You: Brown hair, big eyes, large mandible. Limping. Smelling of day old gold bond powder (mentholated). Strangling a dogman. You looked pleased, but I could see something was missing. Maybe I am that?

Me: Friendly dogman, strangle marks around the neck. You let me live. Either you felt something or you fell asleep.

Missed Connection W4M

I saw you running the mash processing at the distillery. I was impressed that you were able to drink that much untreated whiskey in one gulp. I was the brown haired woman wearing the colonial-era dress from the reenactment. You puked into my mouth. Was it just my imagination or were you going in for a kiss? I couldn’t ask because you fell asleep.

Missed Connection W4W

We were in a pornographic movie together. You, blond hair, brown eyes. D cup breasts. Me, blonde hair, brown eyes. D cup breasts. You said you wouldn’t sex a girl if you weren’t getting paid, but I’m not sure you really meant it. If you feel the way I do, try to get cast in Where The Girls Aren’t 33.

Missed Connection M4M

You: A fucking faggot at the gay bar and you tried to hit on me. You were totally queer and I acted grossed out because I ain’t never fucked in the butt before.

Me: Totally straight dude who went to the gay bar with a chick, hoping she’d let me bang her. Now I want to bang you. You want to do it with me right? Y’all are sex crazed freaks and I want in!


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