Other Things That “Grandfathered In” Could Mean

Grandpa parallel parked the car…GRANDFATHERED IN!

Grandpa threw a touchdown pass…GRANDFATHERED IN!

Grandpa got the eight ball in the corner pocket…GRANDFATHERED IN!

Grandpa walked into the coffee shop…GRANDFATHERED IN!

Grandpa opened a motel…GRANDFATHERED INN!

Grandpa gets pretty competitive…GRANDFATHERED WIN!

Grandpa loves The Fast and The Furious…GRANDFATHERED VIN!

Grandpa watched the entire foreign film…GRANDFATHERED FIN!


One response to “Other Things That “Grandfathered In” Could Mean

  1. Inn, Vin and Fin. I hope to use all of those in normal conversation someday.

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