Cinema Perfection

Dear World,

You may as well cancel the Oscars for the rest of time for the art of motion picture has been perfected. Never before has a tale so indulgent and invigorating contained characters as complex. Their wit, sharper than any Miracle Blade, bests all comedy before it while playing more natural than nature itself. Writers across the globe should throw their pens away. Any words scribbled from this point on could never be arranged in a superior pattern. Directors and producers, halt all projects! Your art will now always suck. We must band together, America. Do not forget the words President Obama wisely spoke. I’m talking about the ones about hope and stuff. Our economy will face even darker times as Hollywood becomes a ghost-town. Burn Shakespeare. Feed Oscar Wilde to the dogs. Put the Coen brothers in seperate foster homes because Friday the 13th has released in theaters. Michael Bay says, “You’re welcome.”


2 responses to “Cinema Perfection

  1. Actually, cinematic perfection has yet to be released. Its name? Crank 2.

  2. This made me laugh out loud.

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