My Health Appears to Be Getting Worse These Days

I feel sick tonight and I can’t really stand it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of colds and flu. It’s not that kind of sick, though.

It started out simply enough. I was sitting in my knitting class when I felt incredibly flush. Fortunately, one my class mates is like a nurse for vets. Does that have a name?
Anyway, it turns out I was a bit feverish. Now, it being knitting day, I was aghast. Of course it couldn’t happen during my shift at the Old Navy and it would be far too convenient for it to happen before my awful sister came over to give me an earful about the money I owe her. No, certainly not. It had to happen during the most rewarding two hours of my week.

Being that my temperature was around 122, this dog nurse insisted I go home. Thinking about it now, it occurs to me that she probably just wanted my royal blue yarn.

Regardless of her intentions, though, it seems that she was right on the money. It’s only gotten worse since that afternoon. The whole thing is starting to weird me out!

What does it mean when your face starts to sweat blood? Do you feed that or starve that? I just swallowed fifteen alka seltzer. Is that a remedy for anything?

I hope so. My tongue has recently started to undergo a process that I can’t even put into words. Forking, maybe? There aren’t two tips yet, but the groove down the middle does seem to be splitting.

Worst of all, my crone of a sister has had to come take care of me. She can only make it a few hours a day because of her son’s condition, but it’s a few hours too many. Yesterday I faked delirium so I could punch her in the eye. That felt good, and she apologized to me afterward. What a dunce!

I don’t mind it all too much, though. It’s nice to get some rest. I’ve felt so exhausted lately and the reoccurring rape dream doesn’t help one bit.

This sickness journal is all I have left anymore, although with my finger nails growing as quickly and as thick as they have, it’s going to be harder and harder to type. I broke a keyboard yesterday just trying to email a death threat to my boss. I was planning on blaming it on the delirium.

Whatever happens, I’m just thankful to be alive. If anyone ever reads this, I just want to say WORSHIP ME!!!!!!


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