25 Crazy and Totally Random Things About Me, the Former Child Star from ABC’s hit show “Dinosaurs”

by Baby Sinclair

1. I am an anthropomorphic dinosaur.

2. I think carrots are totally gross.

3. Though I used to hate my father for not being my mother, I miss him dearly.


maybe he wasn't the mama, but he was my papa

4. I love playing basketball, but I’m a better soccer player. One of my greatest regrets is not trying out for the varsity basketball team in high school.

5. Another regret is demanding unreasonable compensation for a fifth season of “Dinosaurs”, which evidently was a deal breaker in the show not being renewed.

6. When I was about 19, I thought “Tron” was the coolest movie ever. Secretly, I still think this, but I’m too embarrassed to bring it up around friends.

7. I was this close to being on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” when Regis still hosted, but ironically enough, I couldn’t put the ’94 TGIF schedule in the correct order during the Fastest Finger question.

8. My first girlfriend remains my true love, and obsessing over her has ruined most of my relationships since. We were both eight when we dated. I left her for a 30-year-old named Denise.

9. Everybody thinks I’m crazy, but I love mustard on my hot dogs!!

10. For a couple of years, I was addicted to heroin.

11. I’ve never broken any bones in my body.

12. After I dropped out of college to attend a two-year accelerated business program, I was in a bit of a rough spot and sold most of my memorbilia from the show, including all of the frying pans, which I used to (quite famously) hit my father on the head with.

13. I still shave with disposable razors only. What can I say, I’m an iconoclast.

14. A year ago, I transitioned into a full-time music career. I sing the standards, but I try to put a modern twist on it. For example, I took “Jingle Bell Rock” and added more guitars. It’s pretty hip and appeals to all ages!

me, age 24, posing nude for my debut album "Got2 Luv Me"

me, age 24, posing nude for my debut album "Got2 Luv Me"

15. Blueberry donuts are a weakness. Loooooooooooove them!

16. I haven’t seen my sister since I was 16. It was at her wedding, which I showed up drunk to.

17. I haven’t seen my mother since I was 17. It was her third wedding, which I crashed, and was drunk.

18. I read this book all about how to be a power player in your personal relationships. Ever since, I require anybody who wants to be associated with me to get a tattoo somewhere on their body (which doesn’t have to be in a visible place, I’m not a dictator or anything), that says “gotta love him” with a picture of my 2-year-old face on it. Then I know I’m in control of the situation any time I see that person.

me, age 2

me, age 2

19. I missed out on free burrito day at Chipotle’s last year, but said I went.

20. I missed my father’s funeral, something that I regret now, but at the time it was for a legitimate reason: Cinemax was considering developing a more adult-oriented variety/talk show for me. It didn’t pan out.

21. My favorite candy is peanut M&Ms. Yumm!

22. My least favorite candy is Twix. Yuck!

23. Parts of my life are kind of blurry in my memory, but from what I’ve been told, for about six months, during most of the filming of season three, I was living with my dealer Ant’wan and his friend Donald. I decided they would represent all of my business decisions, which led to our first feature, “Baby’s Big Day Out”. I haven’t heard from those guys in years.

 unfortunately, due to my poor habits and life decisions at the time, i don't remember taking this promotional photo

unfortunately, due to my poor habits and life decisions at the time, i don't remember taking this promotional photo

24. Though I definitely miss my family, but there’s no way I’m writing them back into my will.

25. I’ve recently finished my first screenplay “Baby/Mama”, in which I play all of the characters.


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